The Company History

Company History

Berk Enterprises is in the business of building relationships. Together the management and staff form an efficient team who maintain a considerable asset management portfolio, while making sure that the needs and requirements of tenants, clients and beneficiaries are a constant priority.

Berk Enterprises is situated in the Cape Town CBD. Primarily an asset management company, Berk Enterprises has been managing an extensive commercial, retail and industrial property portfolio in and around Cape Town for decades.

The core of the commercial properties consist of 4 Loop Street, Zeeland House, Pier House and Touchstone House.
The portfolio includes extensive retail space in Bellville, Kuils River and Sea Point as well as a large industrial space in Epping. 

The Berk Family History

The History of Berk

Benjamin Berk arrived on the shores of Cape Town from Lithuania with his family in the early 1900’s. He married Rebecca Brenner and together they had eight children. The family business has its origin at the Lansdowne Hotel. Situated on Lansdowne Road, the Hotel incorporated a bar and off-sales (retail) business.

When Benjamin Berk passed away, one of the brothers, Sam, took over the business with his brother Joey joining him a few years later. They took over the running of the Hotel and expanded the business to include liquor outlets. These liquor outlets would later develop into liquor supermarkets under the banner of DROP INN, which became a household name in Cape Town during the 1970’s. In 1992 the family’s interests in DROP INN were sold to Massmart. The properties were retained and a long lease was concluded with Massmart.

It was at this time that the Berk Family Trusts diversified their investments, culminating in the formation of Berk Enterprises in 1992. The board of directors included Sam Berk, his daughter Alison (who started working at DROP INN in 1977 and who served on the board of directors for a number of years), as well as Alison’s husband Howard Katzeff (who also worked at DROP INN under Sam’s guidance from 1985). Joey’s son, Michael Berk, joined Berk Enterprises in 1994 after completing his legal articles in 1993. Since Sam’s passing in 1998, Alison, Howard and Michael have continued to manage the family assets and business interests. 

The Sustainability Project

Going Green

Berk Enterprises is committed to reducing its carbon footprint as well as promoting greening policies amongst its tenants. Berk Enterprises is aware of the massive resource requirements of buildings and have adopted an active policy of retrofitting all buildings under management. The complete upgrade of lighting systems involving an overall conversion to LED lighting highlights a complete commitment to creating an efficient, energy-saving environment. The installation of solar panels and a policy of installing energy efficient airconditioning has contributed to further reducing the carbon footprint of various buildings. Berk Enterprises continues to consult with various environmental and technology experts with the goal of becoming increasingly energy efficient in the future.

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